1. A male who has been in a relationship with one girl who he got pregnant then cheats with another girl with intentions to knock her up as well.

2. To be a father of two children by different women, with both children being only 3-6 months difference in age.

3. To knock up two women within a 6 month period and leave them both.

4. Simply a Sperm donor.
1. "Felica and Lizzys babys father is a dick fag."

2. "Man I heard Willie is a dick fag?"
by elliebabii03 August 01, 2008
Top Definition
A person who is, at the same time, a dick and a faggot... IE. he is an asshole and at the same time... A fag. Jock + homo = dickfag
- Hey man Jandros is such a dickfag.
- Yea i saw him hooking up with mike woll behind the library after football practice.
by Frankie ojeda November 14, 2007
A dick who is also a fag... IE an asshole that is also a homosexual!
Damn jandros is such a Dickfag, he threw my bag on the ground...
-Yea i saw him hooking up with Mike Woll after Football pratice today!
by James Goldfern October 02, 2007
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