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Dickass Assdick! (D.A.A.D.) insult
fuck you up a chicken, dickass
by Daad adda April 22, 2008
Dickass: Penis-buttocks.

A term for someone one likes anal sex, used as an insult.
Your fuck is shit, dickass!
by Ravendust April 30, 2005
One who experiences or has experienced a dick in their ass.
"I hear that hooker takes it in the poopshoot."

" What a Dickass!"
by Antonius Molinium September 13, 2008
a word created by eric to make fun of people
hey buddy, your a stupid dickass
by jimmmy7867 July 22, 2005
SamuelR yan Jones jfdklsfjksdl.
sryan is a astupid dickass that i hope dies enve though i would like to have hot sex with him all night kbye.
by nikkay. April 23, 2005