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In males, the combined parts, penis and balls.
That bitch in the alley way was all up on my dick piece after i gave her 5 dollars.
by redtfaok September 18, 2003

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A small, thoughtless piece of material used to fill in when a layout has come up short, (because of your own personal lack of skill and ethics) with almost any medium.
"We came up four inches short, just cut me a dick-piece so we can puke it in and call it a day."
by Logickt September 14, 2009
1. Cock or penis, of the male sex organs the penis
2. The same as calling someone a dick.
1. That bitch kicked him in the dickpiece.
2. Come on man...you have my money, don't be a fucking dickpiece.
by Anarchyman99 December 17, 2007
When one is faced with a severely troubled individual,

otherwise known as an idiot, one struggles to find such a

phrase to express ones feelings. These words could liberate

YOU and all of mankind. At last we have the words to express

our true feelings. He (or she) is a "dick piece."
Idiot: "Man, I don't feel too good after eating all

that cake and drinking all that gasoline..."

A Pretty Ok Dude: "You step one foot in this

house man, and the definition of Dick Piece will be up your own ass, stapled to your head."

In Other Words: "You're a dick piece"
by marktheface April 15, 2010