Dickmouth, n. - 1.Someone adhering to the public opinion that the subject, or the "dickmouth" gets frequently owned. 2. An event centered or focused on the action of dickmouthery.

(to) Dickmouth, v. - The action of completely "wrecking somebody's shit", to own, to dominate or much to their chagrin, to shit on there land.
n. "Yeah man, his girlfriend totally shit on his face while he was asleep" .. "Ah man, what a dickmouth."

v. "Did you see that headshot?" ... "Damn dude, He just got dickmouthed."
by kushzilla May 31, 2010
Noun: To describe a mouth that is large enough to fit a large dick in.
"Damn man, did you see her big dickmouth!"
by girlcoloredblue June 22, 2009
To makeout with a girl a few hours after she has given another guy head.
Mike made out with that girl!?!?!? He's a dickmouth!
by Suits Rule Us December 01, 2007
A person or group of people who talk trash about people and think it is funny even though it heavily offends them. These people are usually prior friends to the trash talking incident.
Tyler call my mom a whore, therefore he is a dickmouth
by Natatat July 27, 2006
is an insult shouted at men typically. It is slightly more insulting and specific than its close cousin "dickweed," for usually it is used when the person being a dick mouth said something ignorant, is lying, or made an unintelligent statement.
Guy: Why the fuck did side scrape my SUV, dickweed?

Other Guy: You fucking tried to merge into my lane without signaling and didn't bother to check first, dick mouth!
by Dark. June 17, 2008
An std that you can only get if you have red hair, freckles and have recently kissed someone who has been sucking on a filthy penis. Common symptoms include: Migraines, yellow hands, a common cold and the urge to yell homosexual things when you are angry. There is a very rare disease and only one case has ever been recorded.
"Dammit Brendan don't come near me, you have dick mouth."
"Heard you got dick mouth after hooking up with that chick last night Brendan."
"Damn Brendan, you should really get those yellow hands checked out, you might have dick mouth."
by Nick Marriott July 02, 2009
Some one who is gay and has a dick for a mouth and needs to get a life
Wow Your gay nice try though DICK MOUTHH!!!!!
by blarrggg January 28, 2009

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