An std that you can only get if you have red hair, freckles and have recently kissed someone who has been sucking on a filthy penis. Common symptoms include: Migraines, yellow hands, a common cold and the urge to yell homosexual things when you are angry. There is a very rare disease and only one case has ever been recorded.
"Dammit Brendan don't come near me, you have dick mouth."
"Heard you got dick mouth after hooking up with that chick last night Brendan."
"Damn Brendan, you should really get those yellow hands checked out, you might have dick mouth."
by Nick Marriott July 02, 2009
Top Definition
When you wake up first thing in the morning and your mouth tastes like you have swollowed buckets of cum.
I didnt kiss my girlfriend in the morning in the morning cause she had Dick Mouth
by Howie Felltersnatch October 09, 2007
one who sucks a lot of dick. So much that his mouth starts to look, and smell like dick.
That bitch is such a ragtoothed dickmouth.
by Zeppelinfan December 04, 2005
used in "superbad"

noun. its an insult for your friend being and idiot or any one else
man 1: dude i lost your phone

man 2: DUDE!!

man 1: sorry...

man 2: fucking dickmouth
by smallpipi February 09, 2009
One who acts as if he/she has a dick in said person's mouth or one sliding down the esophagus. Acts primarily as an insult.
"hey what's up"
"Ah...I don't know"
"You're such a dickmouth, dude."
by Jean Sickel August 28, 2008
Noun: an insignificant, loud-mouth, jerk-off who totally fucks himself over every time he opens his big fucking mouth. To be more specific, someone who repeatedly slaps themselves in their own face with their own proverbial cock while at the same time ejaculating into their own eye socket, causing irritation not only to themselves, but also to everyone around them as well.
Example 1: "Don't be a dick mouth!"
Example 2: "What a dick mouth!"
Example 3: "Congratulations-you are not only stupid, but are also the king of all dick mouths!"
by L D October 12, 2007
Dick Mouth can be used to define the moment a basketball player dunks on another player in a matter in which both his legs are open and the dunking players nuts are all in the defenders mouth. Can also be related to dunk face.
*dude I - did you see Kobe dick mouth Dwight Howard last night during the game?
*Dude II - hell yea, shit was epic!!!
by Javi3r03 January 04, 2012
what ur girl gets after she just got through giving u a blow-jay.
Man 1: Yeah sometimes i can't even kiss my gf.

Man 2: Why is that?

Man 1: Because she usually has a case of dick-mouth.
by sylarfan187 April 01, 2010

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