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: One who has a uncontrollable urge to masterbate to 80's glam bands, With the popular choices being Winger, White Snake, and Skid Row!

:Also used as a insult to one masterbating frequently.
Blackie: Hey Dick Banger Hows it hangin!
Goo: Pretty good Slap Nuts You going to see White snake tonight/
Blackie: Wow dude......Not cool.
by I Black Op I August 28, 2009
Someone who chooses their mate by the size of their penis
My sister is a dick banger.
by Grox9999 July 07, 2016

an extremely fat xl blunt, filled entirely with hydroponic cannabis.
1: hey, is that a xl tube in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.
2: yeah, with a dick banger inside.
by droski19 August 03, 2010
1. one who believes they control all by having access/ops in certain channels. ie: #hellas (Austnet)
by pav December 11, 2003
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