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When a close female friend of yours gets a boyfriend and you never hear from them. You are lucky to get a hello. With this dick in the vicinity they start acting like one, like they are permanently attached to it. They cancel plans for it or ignore you. As soon as that relationship does not work they are once again your friend looking for the next one.
" I never hear from Lisa anymore, she has changed since she met Todd. We used to spend lots of time together but now she prefers the company of his penis".

" Jenny and I used to spend a lot of time together, now she constantly cancels for reasons related to the boyfriend. Although she never blames it on that. Just crap that makes no sense. This is case of dick syndrome where his penis is a mind control machine".
by Pinkstar22 April 25, 2013
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When fucked so hard in the anal you walk bow legged.
Emma must have DickSyndrome because she is walking weird as fuck.
by StellHorny69 November 18, 2012
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