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A really horrible word for semen. Especially if it's told to you by your girlfriend
"You gonna make your dick sick?"

"...what did you just say?"

"Ha ha, dick sick. It means spunk."

"Yeah...I got that..."
by H.S. Willsy August 24, 2011
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When one gets physically sick from not having sex with their significant other.
Jocelyn went to bed without sex one night an woke up dick-sick
by Panda ash October 10, 2014
the point at which a female (or male) gets tired of sex with a male and no longer cares for his penis and refuses to have sex with him.
Usually leads to the female becoming a lesbian
Girl: We have had sex too much, I am getting dicksick

Friend: Is that possible?

Girl: Hell yes
by Treachery May 04, 2008
When your boyfriend calls in sick to work so he can stay home and have sex with you all day.
Lady: Bear, will you please stay home and fuck me all day?

Bear: Let me make a phone call.... " I am not feeling well today, I think I am dicksick. "
by megmouse816 September 30, 2014
It's like homesick but with a dick.
Theresa was so dicksick this morning she actually texted her ex Steven for a one nighter.
by SeamusOD November 10, 2010
When you are really fed up with boys.
Girl: A week ago my boyfriend broke up with me and the guy I like now rejected me yesterday. I am just so dick sick.
by bear nanor July 23, 2011
A word which represents sperm
man that chick made me dick sick all ova tha place last nite!
by Warreno7 July 13, 2005

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