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Dickriding(Verb)-(1)Dickriding is a situation where a freind or aquintance becomes very attached to a certain person.
Many times that pperson will find themselves behaving differently or acting like the person they are "dickriding".
(2)Or just being "on someones nuts".
Person 1:Damn that niggas actin' just like Jimmy he better stop Dickriding.
Person 2: Simon Ese!!!
by Megilla Vediaz November 03, 2006
What everyone was doing during the '08 election.
Thugnificient: ♪Dick riding for tomorrow♪
♪Dick riding for today♪
♪Dick riding for the straight♪
♪Dick riding for the gay♪
♪Dick riding for America♪
♪Dick riding for Iraq♪
♪It's okay to ride that dick just as long as its Barack's♪
by Grandad Freeman April 19, 2010
Sucking up to; to be someone's bitch or make yourself look inferior to someone, just to earn their respect or get something tangible in return.
1: That guy was totally 'dick riding' that rapper because he was hoping to get noticed.

2: That lady is a total 'dick rider', every time she sees someone with a hunk of cash she'll try to sleep with them.
by Klienmahn November 05, 2007
Becoming infatuated with, endorsing, or kissing up to someone or something which is very popular at the moment in hopes of gaining recognition, a sense of fulfillment, or publicity.
Hurricane Katrina, The Haiti Earthquake, and Obama's Election were all notable publicized events where everyone and their grandmother got involved, showed support while it was still a hot issue, and dropped it as if it had never occurred once the media stopped spamming every channel and air wave with coverage.

Hence they were all "dick riding" like the "cool kids" to appear "trendy" or have "water cooler conversation" for the office.
by Cookei June 21, 2010
sucking up to somebody
like if you keep talking goood about somebody you dislike in your head
by Zeke February 27, 2005
Dickriding is when someone overpraises another person with intentions to get noticed, or to get approval by that person. This person acts like a groupie in hopes of obtaining extra cool points with that person.
Dickriding=commenting on every status a person puts up on facebook or twitter. Commenting on and liking every photo a certain person puts up on facebook whether or not the status makes sense. Usually the commenting and liking happens within the first minute of the posting.
by LADY Inc November 14, 2011
To overly love anything new, just because it's the "cool" thing of the month or just something that people are into at the time.
KD: Wow, Dan is totally dick riding K'Naan he got him as his background and repeatedly sends me youtube links to songs I put him on to.

JD: Yea and just last month he wouldn't shut up about that Drop The World song

AD: Haha yea and before that he loved trying to up the droid in any conversation because he got an iPhone for Christmas. Dick Rider
by Brat Hoe March 02, 2010