A Dick Nixon is when someone goes down on a guy. When it is time to shoot the load, you shoot it in their eyes so as to blind them. Then you punch them in the nose in order to knock them out. Once they are unconscious, you steal every thing you can grab from their place and get the hell out. If they ever call you out on what you did you are to reply, "I am not a crook!"
Yo Scott, let's go buy some expensive shit! Mary was giving me a blow job the other day and I totally Dick Nixoned her ass. I made it out with her credit card and panties so we're good to go
by kujo411 June 01, 2007
Top Definition
Richard Nixon.

Since the name Dick has come to be more commonly used as slang for a penis, to say 'Dick Nixon' when referring to the man is sometimes intentionally irreverent or insulting.

Also used as a reference to the penis.
Dick Nixon's the man... in my PANTS.
by doktorfunk October 05, 2005
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