When a male has used a urinal and failed to wash their hands before exiting the bathroom.
I didnt want to shake his hand, he just came out of the toilet. He's likely to have dick mittens
by flashh July 05, 2010
Top Definition
adj: a very warm, hair covered vagina.

alcove, bat cave, bear trap, bearded clam, bearded taco, beaver, bermuda triangle, box, bucket seat, cake, chuff box, cockpit, cooch, coochie, coochie-pop, coose, cooter, cooze, crack, crawl space, cum depository, cum dumpster, cuntcake, cunt, cunny, donut, dripping delta, felted mound, fillet-o-fish, finger hut, fish, fish taco, front bum, fly catcher, fuckhole, furburger, garage, gash, gates of Heaven, golden doorway, Grand Canyon, growler, hair pie, heaven's door, hole, honey cave, honey pot, hot box, jaws of Hell, lobster pot, loins, loose meat sandwich, lotus, love box, love canal, lower lips, meat wallet, muff, nooch, nook, nookie, parking spot, peach, pearly panty gates, pocket, poon, poontang, purse, pussy, quiff, quim, rat trap, scratch, sheath, slash, slit, snapper, snatch, space, split, stench trench, tampon socket, temple, thingy, tool shed, tuna, tunnel, twat, undercut, vagina, vertical smile, wishing well, whisker box, womb, x, yoni
My penis was getting cold when your mom was giving me a hand-job so I put it in her dick mitten to warm up.
by David Williams September 01, 2005
The condition of one's hands when one neglects to wash them after urinating.
I won't let him touch my copy of New England with dick mittens.
by Frayed_Moe November 09, 2003
1)n. - the female vagina.

2)n. - dave misiazek.
Dave, you dickmitten.
by Anonymous July 01, 2003
Slang term for Vagina.
Oh, you kicked me right in the Dick Mitten!
by KJ152 January 21, 2009
Any item or person that encompasses the male genitalia.
"Nathan, can you hand me my boxers?"
"You mean your dickmittens?"
by Dick Mitten October 20, 2011
A derogatory term for a female with a loose vagina.
When i put my dick inside her mitten i barely noticed. Such a dick mitten..

Shut it you dick mitten!
by Kenneth Poon March 15, 2009
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