one who is skilled in the art of licking dicks
Josh Wise is a dick licker
by Monkey Man April 07, 2003
Top Definition
Dick Licker: a male or female that enjoys sucking on a male's penis (see blow job)
Francis sucked Frank's penis all night, what a dick licker!
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
one who licks or sucks dick.
that motherfucker, he's a a total dicklicker.
by gayson May 05, 2006
same as pole puffer
Ronnie at Solar is a dick licker (pole puffer).
by John Lewis January 12, 2004
someone who kisses up to someone
ay man quit suckin up to that nigga u startin to be a dicklicker
by johs May 24, 2008
Someone who extends their tongue to the surface of a penis, then in a repetitive "sweeping up" motion, creates penis surface area coverage with the tongue. This behavior is normally goal oriented toward penis ejaculation.
Josh young licks the penis of his colleague, Cale hill. Josh is a Dick Licker.
by Space_Chicken May 02, 2014
Dick Licker;dik liker -noun, slang.

Origin: Linnaeus Davisus, Canadian, Mayfield S.S;

Used as an insult to describe someone who is a shit talker, an idiot, ass wipe, duche bag, dumb ass ect... Can also be used to simply describe a person who seems or appears to be skilled in the art of licking dicks.
Synonyms: Duche Bag, Hoe, Pussy Licker, Shit Talker, Bitch....
Yo, that Dick Licker was talking shit about me!
by Linnaeus Davisus September 29, 2010
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