a male or female who rides the dick with such voraciousness as to draw comparisons to the equestrian athlete, or horseback rider.
BRO1: "How was Jenny last night?"

BRO2: "We sexed."

BRO1: "Nice!! Doggy style?"

BRO2: "Na."

BRO1: "Ho on top?"

BRO2: "Chick is a dick jockey like the kind found abouts the Kentucky Derby, and other races of Triple Crown caliber."

BRO1: "Cool, so you wanna fuck?"
by Merferino February 14, 2008
Top Definition
A person That likes to ride a penis like it was a horse.
Collin Farnsworth
by Anonymous October 20, 2003
A Dick Jockey, is one who would love more than anything to jump on a big cock and ride it, at any time.
Man! Tell that stupid fucking dick jockey to shut his mouth.
by Anonymous April 21, 2003
slang word used to define a homosexual. meant to parody the word Disc Jockey, the term is often used for 'gays' that enjoy saddling up with a partner of half his size to emulate that of a horse riding jockey. can result in mammoth shit piles similar to race horses.
'boy that dick jockey can shit.'

'did you really do all that shit?'
by anonymousghjjg July 24, 2006
A person who rides lots of dicks... just as much as cowboys used to ride horses
That Garrett Miner from NorCal is such a dick jockey!
by Lukedean March 22, 2010
a female who likes to ride a dick.
Man #1: Dude i heard you girlfriend was a dick jockey.

Man #2: Yep she was riding my dick all night long.
by ApacheWarrior November 15, 2009
Someone that constantly harrases you about some old bullshit you really don't care about or begs you all the time for one thing or another
Man I need some chronic ill pay you back no bitch ass you alreay owe me get off my tip you fucking dickjockey
by mc buford February 19, 2009
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