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nickname for vagina
Hey girl, get that dick holder over here, I need me some lovins.
by horny dude October 15, 2011
A derogatory term used to describe homosexual males who as the name suggests, enjoy holding dick.
*Roy walks down to the dock*

Roy: What’s up, Dickholders?
Youcef & Singh: Heya Roy!
by Donald fon Ronsenburg July 22, 2010
A man of very douche-esque nature. This man will never leave you alone. Everyone you hang out with loves him, but he's only himself around you. He's very aware that he is a total asshole, but is intensely aroused by anger.
J.D. - Have you met Tylor?
Kyle - yes i've met him. He plays soccer. He's a real Dick Holder.
by Johnny Wanna Bone November 15, 2011
a woman or a gay man

also known as a cup holder
"Man that dickholder was some hot stuff"
"Yeah, too bad she's holding someone else's dick right now"

"What the fuck, there aren't any dickholders in the audience."
"Yeah it's a total sausage-fest."
by Steven Silverberg January 26, 2009
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