During the act of male urination, when one wears more than one pair of pants (jeans, pajama's, and briefs). The swimming motion the persons hand makes going via their zippers/fly's to find their penis.
Person 1: "Are you playing with yourself?"

Person 2:"NO! I'm dick fishing."
by SnookiezInc June 21, 2009
Top Definition
Act of laying down in a park,forest, library, or other public location and covering oneself completely with leaves, except one keeps their penis sticking out of the top. Sometimes it is necessary to tie a string to the end of said penis and give it slight tugs for movement in combination with slight noises to arouse curiosity of the prey.
Cameron's favorite past time is dick fishing in the public library's kid section on early out Wednesdays.
by Trogdor5005 November 16, 2011
The act of trying to acquire a man, or simply get laid. Usually perpetrated by a desperate woman.

An below average woman trying to 'hook up' with any man available, often desperately.
Anytime a man came into the warehouse, Crystal would go dick fishing.
by flox November 14, 2009
The act of searching for penis pictures online.
What's the purpose of dickfishing?

So I can show them off like it's mines.
by Yowife Mybitch September 30, 2015
An activity where a man drops his dick into a river and moves it about in order to attract the attention of fish.....the aim of the activity is to get a fish to bite your dick.
Bob went dick fishing after deciding he no longer wanted to be a man.
by Oliver Webster October 24, 2003
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