see Homoerikyo. Guess how it was derived.
Erik: "ARRRGHH!!"
by HOMOERIKYO!!! October 17, 2003
Everything you touch you fuck.
"Hey Ki, you fuckn fucked my computer you fucken dick fingers!!!!
by Dewk Knewkem February 03, 2011
N. The hand signal used for quotation.
Often used by dicks.
- I'm worried about Obama's so called "Change we can Believe In."

-- Dude dont give me those Dick Fingers.

by Samuel Aubin October 28, 2008
The ability to be a complete PSYCHO derived from having stubby fat lil piggies...
He is so evil... i bet he has dickfingers!
by Jean S, January 12, 2008
A person that has extremely fat fingers. The fingers look like dicks rather than fingers. The cause of this is unknown however speculation is that it is caused by an illness know as dickfingervitus. People with dick fingers should be encouraged to wear black gloves to give a slimming effect on the fingers.
Tommy your fingers are so fat ... looks like you have a case of the dick fingers.

John your fingers are as fat as my cock ... put on some gloves dick fingers
by Dark Dan Brown October 14, 2009

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