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The act of a male going to the toilet to urinate(and sometimes pooing) and instead of washing his hands when finished, he instead exits the toilet and uses the same hand that was used to hold his junk(or wipe his ass) to also open doors. This leaves traces of his dick particles on all door handles he has touched for others to come along and touch.
Carlos: Eewww, I just saw Thiago leave the toilet before me without washing his hands and then re-enter the office building.
Geoff: Did he turn the door handle to get back in?
Carlos: Yeah!
Geoff: What a cunt! That's Dick door. Make sure you desanitize your hands
by Big Kahuna Burgers January 05, 2012
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The perforation of one's underwear in the area of his dick.
Some women think men hang their penis out of their dick doors to pee, when, in reality, most men just pull their pants down.
by Mitzell August 04, 2004
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noun; a slang term referring to the female genitalia.
After billy repeatedly asked sally if he could touch her dick-door, she slapped him, and got out of his truck.
by C.W. Anderson III August 27, 2005
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The Dick Door(s) does not only consist of the opening in men's under-where where the penis comes out but also the fly of the pants.
Guy 1: You use the Dick Door(s)? I usually just pull my pants down.
by Dr. M0 August 28, 2009
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John: So, I spent the night at Molly's...guess what I got to open?


John: Her dick door!

Peter: Nice dude!
by rsmith1724 September 30, 2009
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