What a U.S. Marine calls a mouth, also known as a pie hole or cock holster.
Shut your freakin dick suck, I'm sick of hearing about the sand in your vagina.
by C_Dog23 April 11, 2006
Top Definition
What suge knight is best at.
by Snoop Dogg August 21, 2003
a dumbass person, someone who is implied to suck dick, hence why he is a dicksuck.
look at alex underwear, he's such a fucken dicksuck
by esteban bag October 10, 2004
Verb: When a girl or guy puts a dick in their mouth and does a swallowing type action with a slurping sensation.
Yo bitch ass , come here and suck my dick . . fucking cunt
by Some nigga February 19, 2003
The mouth of a person who clearly gobbles penis and refuses to shut up, ever.
"Hey, assface, shut your dicksuck before I kick you in the browneye"
by cleetus joe-willy-bob October 05, 2004
plural term for receiving oral sex
I only work here for the dicksuck.
by enraged bank one customer February 14, 2005
A complete loser who's entire existence is as sad as waking up with a dick on the chin.
That valet is a total dick-suck. He can't even drive an automatic.
by Joe Tellenbauer November 07, 2003
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