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1. When your weiner throws up.

2. Kinda like camel spit, but out your dick.
"Sip sip on my dick spit."

"Dude I totally shot my dick spit like 4 feet."
by PA Gangster April 09, 2006
the goo that is released from a guy's cock after he comes
Damn! I came a lot last night after fucking this ho Amanda. You should have seen the amount of dick spit I left all over her face.
by CreampieGuy June 28, 2011
1. Ejaculatory fluid, semen, cum, jizz.
2. Term for someone who annoys you.
1. I jacked off and sprayed her tits with dickspit.
2. John is such a dickspit.
by JWL June 19, 2004
The certain type of spit that forms in a girls mouth when she is giving head to a boy.
Mary : I went down on John the other day and got a terrible case of dickspit.
by reg4783 December 02, 2010