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A Salad of some sort, being one which either actually contians small, bite sized portions of the male reproductive organ, or penis, or a anamorphic blob of complete nothingness, slightly resembling Male genitalia. Or just a salad that taste really bad. Or Smells of wang. Thank You.
" Holy shit! This fucking shit is complete Dick Salad!" OR " You are coming to dinner with us tonite Rupert and you WILL eat my Dick Salad or Else!" OR " OMG! Theres male genitalia in my ceaser salad!"
by Screaming In Silence March 15, 2005
A gathering of only male persons
Jeez, why didn't you invite any girls? This party is nothing but a dick salad.
by El Dorko March 23, 2009
an unfortunate occurance that has or will soon take place in your very near future
Dammit!!!! every time I come to work in this place im forced to eat a large bowl of dick salad
by runottanames September 06, 2006
Compton Ass Eddies Pubic Zone, wi so many types of lice and other furry woodland creatures, its kinda like a salad.
You i was just talking to eddies girl and she said his dick looked like a fucked up salad! SHITT NIGGA!
by Screaming In Silence March 26, 2005
1. a salad mixed with loads of penis

2. the act of dicksalading in a girl's face

3. snot rocketing in some girl's eye and quapping her, which mixes the boogers with jizz, creating a dick salad
1. "Wow, that mailman made the best dick salad ever!"

2. "I dick salad-ed on this girl's face SO MUCH last night."

by salad comma dick June 14, 2008