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Any girl (or maybe a gay guy... I guess) who is excessively flirty or tries to be friends with you because she wants your cock. tries to be cool, hangs out with other "wow-my-self-esteem-is-so-low-i-wish-i-was-cool" girls who think they're cool.
-hey bro guess who I talked to yesterday?
-yeah, what a dick monger
-haha yeah...
by Snoochie_Noochie September 22, 2009
26 8
1. One who hordes penises
2. One who displays dickish traits
3. A derogatory term for a male homosexual
1. You dickmonger!
2. Look at you hording those dicks, dickmonger!
by Curtis & Adam February 07, 2005
33 6
A person who is most appreciative of all things involving the sight, smell, feel, and outward taste of a man's dick. They take pleasuring this part of a man's body to a higher level. In other words, they are a dick loving, ball-breathing, spooge guzzling goo-gobbler.
After the game, the dudes in our locker room turn into total dickmongers.
by Happy Wolf December 02, 2006
27 6
A collector of dicks; derived from fishmonger.
Kyle likes so much penis, he became a dickmonger.
by SovietX November 22, 2009
4 1
A fat slutty whore
who is a nice lady
eat balls
Shut up dickmonger. your language is offensive to me
by JAYYYYdeeeeeeesixtynine May 03, 2011
1 1
One who is familiar with male genitalia, and caters to it's needs.In other words, a cock loving, jizz guzzling ass fairy. See also democrat.
That Michael Moore is a real dickmonger!
by AV November 24, 2003
13 13
one who is beyond the gayest of gays
you know that guy jeff? hes a dickmonger
by FUKKEN BULLSHETs February 22, 2011
3 4