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A whore, slut, a promiscuous girl
Dude do you have a thing for jessica?

na, I dont wanna mess with that I heard shes a dick hiker

Plies in "Plenty Money" "Aint fuckin with that ho cuz shes a dick hiker"
by Obama4Lyfe September 15, 2009
A woman who fucks her way up the corporate ladder.
Person 1: "Man, how did Jane get promoted to head of Accounting?"

Person 2: "Because she's a Dick Hiker!"
by TheRealB-RAD December 01, 2009
Dickhiker (Di-ck High-ker) A word that is used to insult fuckteds or compliment porn stars and prostitutes
(compliment) Dude...that was the best sex ever! Damn you're a Dickhiker

(Insult) that man over there is a complete dickhiker...he loves it up the ass
by Masamune Date November 15, 2004