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1 n: A penis used as a hammer, almost explicitly referencing sexual intercourse
2 n: A penis shaped like a hammer
3 v: Term used to describe causing harm to someone or some thing.
1- 'Oh. My. God. Last night was great, he has a dick hammer.'

2- 'Let's dick hammer this jerk.'
by God October 28, 2004
A phrase used to describe someone or something stupid because "dick hammer" insinuates a device used to hammer dicks and thats a pretty stupid thing to have.
I can't believe Jane lit a firecracker in her cooch and burned her gooch...she's about as smart as a dick hammer!

Santa gave you a shake weight!? That thing is as useful as a dick hammer.
by Smoothy Drewballs January 13, 2012
To hit a golf ball with force.
Wow, I really dickhammered that ball.
by Crazyspe May 29, 2009
Guys(Dick) putting their foot(Hammer) down when it comes to girls.
girl: Who's underwear are these!? there not mine.

guy:*dick hammer* WTF!! did you jus say to me ho?!?

girl:*scared* nevermind
by Brandi Cobb February 18, 2009