An invention developed by Octopenis Inc in order to make scrotal and shaft function more convenient for the male. Dick Fingers being a particular one of these inventions, deals with several metal prongs attached to the tip of the penis with a circular loop that enables the male to do such things as type on a keyboard or put in a pin number at a bank with their dick.
I was eating a bagel with both my hands, and decided to finish my report on African Slave Trading with my dick using my brand new Dick Fingers.
#dick #fingers #dicks #miley cyrus #cancer #uruguay #protoplasm #priapism #erection #bagels #octopus #octopi #banks #satanic cults #jews for jesus #alaska #probes #b-boys #dj hero #pirates
by Wisconsin Braves June 30, 2010
Top Definition
Someone who is poor at catching objects such as balls in sports or anything being passed or thrown to them. Hence their fingers are resemblant of flaccid penises.
"Michael Hairsine always drops the ball"
"Ya, he has dick fingers for sure"
#dick #fingers #penis #flanges #cock hand
by CoolGuyMcCool420 January 27, 2010
A disease that plagues the nation, exemplified by the typing of words so incorrectly that they imply your fingers are penises. This normally occurs when writing with a keyboard. People affected by this disease tend to misspell even the simplest of words. This disease was discovered by a scientist/pwnologist named DR.JASZSINGH. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for DICKFINGERS.
Jorgeiscoolxx: yuo i ddi nohtngi yesterday

itszemochickXX: dude you have dickfingers or something?
#dick #finger #typo #fingers #dickfinger
by pwnissa June 20, 2009
Any type of surgeon, who is so bad with his hands, that you would not let him/her operate on your terminally ill hamster.
As a result of my surgeons flaccid dickfingers, my circumcision turned into a transgender operation.
#spermwand #butterfingers #dikfingers #dykfingers #fingerdicks #edward dickfingers
by Dr. Richard B. Digit November 06, 2013
Someone who fumbles every thing he picks up, catches and gives to anyone. Dick fingers shows up at the bar, in a football game, making a sandwich - everywhere you can imagine.
Dave: Hey Bob, pass the salt.
**Bob drops the salt shaker everywhere, ruining everyone's food**
Dave: You fucking Dick Fingers...
by March 15, 2005
A braggart whose writing is so self-referential and egotistical as to be considered masturbatory. A metaphorical reference indicating that the act of typing out such writing is a self-induced pleasure for the jerkoff doing the writing.
Did you see that guy's love letter to himself? What a dickfingers.
#braggart #braggadocio #dickfinger #jerkoff #self-flaggelate
by jjfromkansas August 02, 2012
an insult used when i was so frustrated that i couldn't think of any other insult.
guy 1 is being a total jackass
guy 2: DICKFINGERS! you just knocked over my beer!
#insult #dickfinger #curse word #jackass #fingerbang
by gofuk yerself November 09, 2005
A slighlty shortened finger that looks like a male reproduction organ only smaller. (Hopefully, for your own sake)
So I tried to turn a running snowblower into a sock puppet and now I'm left with a dickfinger for a middle finger
#amputee #stupidity #short #dickfingaz fan club #snowblower
by Ol Dickfinger Himself June 14, 2009
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