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To engage in phallus to phallus combat. When doing so with a partner while fully erect, Parisian Dick Fighting is conducted similiar to a fencing match. Asian Dick Fighting connotes to use of a semi-flaccid penis whipped about like one end of a nunchucko.

Dick Fighting with an unwilling combattant is generally chargeable as sexual battery.
Ex 1) Set in a public restroom

Bruce: (pantless) I challenge you to a round of Dick Fighting! EN GARDE!

Steven: (urinating) JESUS CHRIST!!

Ex 2) Set in Wang's bedroom

Wang: I'm bored. How about some Dick Fighting?

Chung: OKAY! (whips dick out and cock slaps Wang in his face, leaving a crimson mushroom bruise.
by Tiestofan25 October 22, 2010
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