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Noun- The greatest city on the earth, breeding gentlemen in rare form and athletes. Know for outrageous actions regarding the dick and fucking bitches (cunt smashers).

Famous quote: "Well slap me on my ass and put a finger in my dick."
Ya boy is a proud resemblance of Dick City.
by yaboyfromdickcity May 17, 2011
18 1
Utica, NY

The shittiest place on earth creates the shittiest people on earth. Everyone hates Utica kids, and Utica kids hate everyone in return. It's a shitstorm of assholes, douchebags and of course, dicks.
Dude 1 "Hey, Let's go get drunk in Dick City"
Dude 2 "Not like theres anything else to do there"

Dude 1 "I went to Dick City last night and everyone was really nice"
Dude 2 "Really?"
Dude 1 "No, I got jumped."
by MotherFixer October 29, 2009
6 4
Where a woman is fucked so good and for so long she is overcome by how awesome the sex and has one or more huge orgasms.
I a send her to dick city.
by The Fury 13 October 21, 2010
3 7