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The foreskin of an uncircumsized penis.
Tyler: Hey jeff, guess what?
Jeff: What?
Tyler: I heard Erin turned down Kyle because he has a huge, dirty dick chin.
by T-Harmony April 19, 2009
1) A person whose chin resembles a dick.
2)A person whose dick resembles a chin.
3)Someone who places dicks on the their chin.
4)Alternative to 'dickhead'.
For fuck sake, you're such a dickchin!
by Andy Hutchings February 01, 2008
a more formal way to call someone a cock sucker, or something of that nature.
That kid at the game yesterday was a total dick chin.
by ambidextrious April 24, 2009
A dildo that straps on the chin around the head for enhanced cunnilingus
Price wore a dick chin while having sex with the prosititute
by Anonymous October 31, 2002