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The apparatus used to measure the magnitude of a girthquake. Similar to the Richter Scale used in Seismology.
Jay's girthquake measured 8.0 on the dichter scale and had Jill screaming for more.
by Jamon26 April 29, 2008
25 10
The current 10-point scale of a girl's looks, only taking into account her dickableness.
That chick so ugly, she a negative five on the dichter scale!
by bimbo baggins November 24, 2008
6 4
the scale used to measure the magnitude of sex. the registered number is usually derived from the actual size of the dick.
that dude was HUGE! a 9.5 on the dichter scale! a total girthquake!
by goldenboyswift January 10, 2011
0 1