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Also known as "blood diamonds". Diamonds that come from the country of Sierra Leon on the West African coast. These diamonds are notorious because during Sierra Leon's civil war they were used to fund war and the military groups who made money from diamonds were known to commit atrocities.
Many government and human rights groups have criticized the sales of diamonds from Sierra Leon
by Nelson B July 18, 2005
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Hypocritical song and video from Kanye West. Blaming all of Sierra Leone's problems on white people. Totally disregarding the fact that the hiphop industry, yes industry, promotes the wearing of diamonds in the form of bling. You cannot tell me all of those diamonds are conflict free.
"Yo La Taniqua dats some sweet Bling, is dem conflict free diamonds?"

"Don't axe me fool, you know only whities diamonds is conflict diamonds."

"Ah dats right,Kanye taught us that."
by diamond joe quimby July 18, 2005
A song with Kanye West. It's actually about his label, Rocafella, but his mark ass made the video about Africans after Talib Kweli showed him some video.
That nigga Kanye is fake, but Diamonds is a hot ass beat!
by Hova Jr. July 04, 2005

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