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Manika Rae, whom we may consider as the founder of the

Chauhans of the north, recovered Ajmer. He had a numerous

progeny, who established many petty dynasties throughout

Western Rajwara, giving birth to various tribes, which are spread even to the Indus. The Khichi, the Hara, the Mohil, the Nirwana, Bhadauria, the Bhaurecha,the Dhanetiya, and the Baghrecha, are alldescended from him.
4.Chouhan Kshatriya:
Gothra - Vatsa.

Ved - Samved.

Kuldevi - Ashipuri.

Guru - Vashishtha.

Isht - Mahadev.

Devta - Shrikrishna.

Samrat Prithviraj Chouhan, Lakha (1451) were from this vansha.

States - Bundi, Kota, Sirohi, Asthir. Delhi, Ajmer, Bhadoch, Dholpur was also come under their regime. They build beautiful lakes. Samrat Prithviraj Chouhan defeated Mohammad Ghori several times and forgive him later 16 times. The coward Mohammad Ghori deceitfully arrested Prithviraj Chouhan and take out both his eyes. Like Arjun, Prithviraj Chouhan was very fluent in his verbal approach. There are many other kings also belongs to this vansha.

Chouhan Kshatriya Vansha has 25 branches, sub-branches includes Hada, Khinchi, Bhadoria, Songar, Songara, Devra, Rajkumar, Sambharia, Gadharia, Bhurecha, Balecha, Dhanetiya, Tassera, Chachera, Bhawar, Bankat, Bhople etc. Chouhan vansha existed from 1067.
by chauhan May 27, 2010
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