The ebonics term for "they". Descends from the West African accents adjustment to English speech that first occured in the 16/1700s.
O I think dey like me
O I think dey like me
O I think dey like me
I think, I think dey like me
by Steagles June 06, 2006
Top Definition
1. to be
2. to exist
3. the state of being or existing
That thing still dey?
Send me text I no fit hear you, I dey for club.
You still dey into shipping business?
by drKenn81 December 01, 2007
Just a different way of saying "they". Means exactly the same thing as "they"
Oh I Think Dey Like Me!
by Sushi March 06, 2005
Possibly PNG for 'they'
Mum: Where is Helen?
Little Lani says: Dey gone to church!
by skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii September 18, 2008
Most annoying word to mean 'they' ever. Its for people who try to act cool but make themselves even less cool bye using "dey"
"And den dey said 'yo Mother fucker, shut your annoying as up' wuzzup wit dat?"
by Musical_Manda July 15, 2005
"dey" means homeboy, dawg, friend....a way of saying hello
Ricky: "What's up dey?"
Ismael" "notta lotta how about you?"
by Stephee September 11, 2005
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