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Used to describe a leaf at dawn, in which dew is present on the leaf.
That leaf is so dewey!
by squawk July 29, 2010
16 17
One of Donald Duck's nephews
Someone: Which one is Dewey?
Me: The blue one
by 1337Person September 04, 2007
20 22
1. drunkenly self injuring yourself on your birthday and having to be rushed to the emergency room by your friends.

2. drunkenly tripping and smashing your head into the concrete and having to be rushed to the emergency room by your friends

3. any incident involving a dj or a drunk person falling, stumbling, tripping, or taking some kind of giant leap or hurtle that results in an injury so serious they require immediate medical attention, and are only able to obtain this medical attention with the aid of two or more of your drunken friends
1. "oh yea we were drunk leaving party last night and she tripped head first into a cement step and totally deweyed. we had to take her to the hospital. there were two stitches and alot of blood. we were there for 6 hours or so in the emergency room."

2. "dude what happened to your leg?"
"no big deal man, it was my birthday and i totally deweyed last night"

"sucks bro"

3. "so wait, why did dan move out?"
"whatever dude, he pulled a dewey and lives with his mom now."

4. "well...i thought he really liked me but turns out the whole time he was just deweying me."
by nighttime multi-symptom November 10, 2010
15 34