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Devin: i'm a boy
by dfshdzsfhz April 30, 2012
8 5
Devin is the definition of perfection! He has an outgoing personality, beautiful eyes, gorgeous hair, and everything you can ask for! Any girl lucky enough to be with him should be very happy. He will make you the happiest girl in the world!
"Wow...look at Devin!!!!"
by cookiesarereallygood March 29, 2013
5 0
the most amazing person in the entire world!, my love, my life, my babe forever. i love you forever with everything i gots, never stoping or forgeting. ill be with you forever. you are my one and only true love. 3-14-11
thats devin hes super smexy.
by mr.prettykitty man July 25, 2011
12 11
An amazing guy who will do everything to please his woman. Hes only cheated once and regrets it with his life. Hes an amzing farmer who loves to do the dirty work. He is amazing in bed and loves every minute of it. He is extreme cuddly but loves to be sexual. He is very common sense smart, not usually book smart. He has beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile. Hes one in a million and i love him
by craftykid98 December 01, 2013
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A guy who isn't afraid to tell you how he feels. He knows exactly what he's doing with his life and knows what to do to get there. Easy to fall for. If he falls for you don't let him go. This guy is the sweetest guy ever.
Girl 1: Wow that guy is so hot !
Girl 2: Yeah he's a Devin alright.
by barrelracingforlife September 15, 2013
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I wanna smoke some devin
by A.N.A June 11, 2013
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to pull a devin, one awkwardly and silently leaves the room unexpectedly and frequently for long periods of time. upon returning, your absence is not spoken of.
"he literally just left the room, pulling a total devin. what am i supposed to do now.."
by Gabby Eve Reday. October 24, 2011
12 13