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Incredibly handsome. Devilish can be a reference to the phrase "You're so attractive it's a sin" or, the person has a devious or seductive personality.
Loki from "Thor" {Dark World as well}, "The Avengers", and from Marvel comics is described as devilishly handsome, as he has a two-timing personality that is mischievous and alluring, with matching good looks.
by Diabolical-Oubliette November 17, 2013
When a man is handsome but in a more devious-looking or sinister-looking way. Usually associated with darker hair, larger eyes, gaunter faces and dangerous charm. Possibly includes extravagant facial hair.
"Did you see Alehandro's new moustache-goatee combo? It makes him look like a cartoon villain!"

"I disagree, I think it makes him look Devilishly Handsome!"
by Trumoi January 21, 2016
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