A word used to describe an arrogant dick of German origin or descent. Deutsch is a literall translation of the word German...in German. And bag derives from the English name "douchebag" making the compound word "Deutschbag". The same thing as a douchebag but only applicable to Germans. A typical Deutschbag bashes Americans every chance they get but seems to forget how Eurotrashy they really are.
Hans: "You Americans are so stupid. You poke your noses into everyone else's business around the world
Ryan: Says the country that started to world wars, Deutschbag"
by Andreas Streibern December 02, 2013
A German-male who thinks they know it all and lets everyone around them know it. He will typically offend everyone he mets.
I have a coworker that is German, he is such a deutschbag. I can't stand him.
by KaptainSkinBoat December 03, 2010

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