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1. A Deusche-Nozzle (alt. deuschenozzle) is a person who, while in a dialogue, or community based monologue, goes against the social mores of how to respond, esp. with regards to sarcastic jokes.

2. An interlocutor who takes a joke and waters it down with unpleasantness. This, of course is the origin of the insult.

3. An individual who, perhaps unprovoked, posts and tries to affirm unpleasant ideas especially relating to racism, ethnocentrism, religious primacy or alt. evolutionary primacy, etc..
The facebook profile for God was hilarious until some deusche-nozzle went and ruined it with religious zealotry which inevitably lead to atheistic imperialists.
#deuschenozzle #deuschebag #harlot #interlocutor #ethnocentrism #religious imperialism #falsification of facts #unpleasant monologues
by Vladeon November 24, 2008
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