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...the time when one is attempting to complete a "cleveland steamer" by defacating on one's mate's chest, but in mid-shite, the "steamer" becomes a raging fit of diahrea, unfortunately for the mate, but to the great fortune of the "slammer" (if such person is a masochist)
Gosh, I was gettin' it on with my honey, and she asked me to put a steamer on her chest....I must've had some bad Thai food or somethin', but I cranked out a DETROIT SLAMMER all over her breats!! Damn, she was pissed!
by demetrius gore May 17, 2003
Usually referred to as having someone defocating on you, while having a bad case of the runs. The most common of Detroit Slammer involves eating a coney dog, and crapping the remains all over someone's face Anyone who enjoys this practice should drown in a big pool of shit.

"After you eat that coney dog, could you pleas drop trou, and squeeze out a Detroit Slammer on my chest"
~Tenacious D, "Rock Your Socks Off"
by Tayshon Prince May 14, 2003