They are better then your hockey team. Est 1926
Steve Yzerman, Gordie Howe, Nickolas Lidstrom, chris osgood

A NHL hockey team proven to be the best ever.
"Whose your favorite NHL team?"

"it doesn't matter because the Detroit Red Wings are better then them"
by nick beyer May 31, 2009
Top Definition
The best hockey team ever. They could beat your sorry team anyday.
The Detroit Red Wings, are really, really cool.
by Renzeim May 22, 2005
Ten Time Stanley Cup Champion:


A team that is well known for the " feast or famine " persona.

Has lost to the Western Conference Champion three times in a row:

Anaheim Mighty Ducks, 2003, Calgary Flames, 2004, Edmonton Oilers, 2006
All three times before reaching the 3rd Round.

The Red Wings have gone on to win the Stanley Cup every time since 1997 after reaching the Conference Finals.

Always a great Stanley Cup Contender.
" Go Wings Go! "

" The Detroit Red Wings are going to kill Colorado "
by Bill Abnovsky August 19, 2006
the best team to ever play any sport. i cant remember the last time they missed the playoffs. they are better than any other 2 teams put together
The Detroit Red Wings are 10 times better then your favorite team
This team is possibly the most loved and hated team in the NHL, but their only hated because they have more Stanley Cups than any other American team. So anyone who thinks they suck or have cocky fans can shut their pathetic mouths because they obviously don't know true hockey. They've won 11 cups, and not to mention have been in the playoffs for 20 straight years. Wanna know how difficult that is? Ask Chicago.
Chicago fan: "The Detroit Red Wings fans are so cocky."

Detroit fan: "Only 'cause we win. You can't spell Red Wings without WIN."
by Crazyforhockey May 15, 2011
One of the great American hockey teams with 11 cups under their belt and 20 strait playoff runs, this is a prestigious team. Mostly hated due to butthurt newfriends, who are mad because their Chicago Blackhawks got beat by the Red Wings again, or because the Red Wings are at the top of the Central-Division and their team isn't.
RW fan: Yeah The Detroit Red Wings won again!

Butthurt newfriend: oh they suck because all there fans are bandwaggoners.

RW fan: right -_- thats why your team is 10-18
by H8RZgunH8 January 21, 2012
Perhaps the best american hockey team to win more cups then any other american can. they had 6, 1 Terry Sawchuk,
7 Ted Lindsay, 9 Gordie Howe, 10 Alex Delvecchio, 12 Sid Abel, and 19 Steve Yzerman. they have a 19 playoff streak
going to 20. the sad part about this team is thier cocky fans
Al: "Hey watch the Detroit Red wings last nite"

Mike: "Yeah and it was brutol"
by funkyfresh 91 June 15, 2010
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