Mistakenly listed as the worst franchise in NFL History. Only known for performances in last few decades, never given consideration for the above average performances for the other approximately 60 years of franchise history.
Franchises considered to be worse, starting from the worst:

Cardinals-First from Chicago, then St. Louis, then, Phoenix, now Arizona. Most losses. In their 80 years of existance... 8 playoff appearances. No one wants them.

Saints-AKA 'Aints'. Only recently have their performance turned around, thanks to Drew Brees.

Texans-Haven't been around that long, but their performance is still horrible other than VERY recent. Worst winning percentage at 33.3%.

Falcons-Despite recent performances and their famed 1977 defense. Nothing. Riddled with losing seasons and scandals.

Bengals-No Championships, losing record. Only 12 winning seasons of 40.

Buccaneers-Home of the FIRST defeated team 0-14. Second Worst Win Percentage 39.3%. Their only Superbowl win is considered a fluke.

Bills-They missed the Superbowl win four times in a row.

Seahawks-No championships even with a great coach. Only team to go to the playoffs with a losing record.

Detroit Lions-Not the best team, but not the worst. With four championships although many, many years ago. Failures to win in the playoffs except once since 1957, and of course no Superbowls. Even if they are the few to yet win one, and to have a defeated season 0-16. I feel, though, the Lions are emerging from the abyss to become a contender for decades to come.

I would list a site which gives extremely detailed and accurate information, but it's cold hard football facts dot com. hint hint.
by just.another.guy July 09, 2012
Top Definition
The laughingstock of the NFL.
Doctor: "You know what'll cheer you up?"

Sick Patient: "What's that?"


Sick Patient: "Hahahahahahhaha!!11"
by Lon August 06, 2006
The embarrassing team of the NFC North. They only team in the NFL in which the fans try to get rid of their tickets.
"Horrible thing happened to me today. I accidently left 2 Detroit Lions tickets on my dashboard, and when I got out of the store, somebody broke the window and stuck 2 more on there!"
by AwkwardManHugs August 16, 2009
haven't been champs since the
60s...only were good in the mid 70s and in the 90s with Barry Sanders
the lions are always screwing up
by ItsAllBeenDone March 23, 2004
the detroit football club which is never unable to lose a game. no matter what the situation, the lions can always find a way to blow the game...
marked by poor coaching, injuries, empty potential, bad drafting, and losing to minnesoda, and a bad O-line.
even thought it was 28-14 at the final 2-minuet warning, the detroit lions still foundaway to blow their 12-point lead
by steamboat runner November 24, 2005
Chicago Cubs of the NFL. A Team that good have Jesus as quarterback and still will lose miserably. Used to have the greatest football player of all time, but still couldn't even get to the NFC championship
Jesus back to pass... Throws it... But it's dropped by Roy Williams. Man the Detroit Lions suck
by Killer Kobe November 16, 2006
0-16 as of 12/28/08. litteraly the WORST football team in history, the WORST record in history, and the ONLY team to lose 16 consecutive games
the detroit lions are up 32-7 with 5 minutes to go!

*leaves the room*
*comes back 4 minutes later*

by someshortkidnamedjohnny:P December 29, 2008
An NFL team that has a God-given talent for knowing how to lose games. They ALWAYS find a way to lose after leading in the fourth quarter. A rival team to the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers.
The Detroit Lions are probably the best of the worst teams in the NFL.
by krock1dk August 17, 2007
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