A spontaneous, quick stop at a friend's or acquaintance's place for a sexual encounter
I'm stopping at Kesha's house for a detour before going to work
by DumbassKilla November 07, 2011
Top Definition
A shit town located on the county line of carroll county and frederick county. Consist of 10-15 houses that all look poor and like shit. Alot of whores and pot heads live here.Baically an all American shit town.
A Redneck town located in Detour MD
by WTF U WANT September 14, 2011
1: An annoyance caused by stupid construction workers (mexicans) deciding that they need to "fix" a road, so they send you on a completely different road that takes a lot longer to get to where you're going.

2: A great alternative path that takes a long time to get to the destination that you should be going to...such as your house, but instead of continuing to drive, you stop at a destination suitable for the situation. Ususally involving the act of camping and most definitely involves rollercoaster.
Me: Mom, I'm home late cuz i had to take a detour, stupid mexicans are tearing up highway 321.

Mom: Stupid mexicans *shakes head in disappointment*.

Me: I told mom earin and i were still at movie gallery when in fact, we were taking a detour up by the intersection near my house.

You: Weren't you there for like, an hour?

Me: Yeah, napkins saved my life....and my Led Zeppelin shirt. That interstection is most definitely corrupted.

You: ....how many "Allowed Characters" do you have?
by Jeremy October 02, 2004

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