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Male Genitalia, otherwise known as the penis.
Or cock
I so got her last night with my dessie.

I love it when she sits on top of my dessie!

Ow, my dessie!

by Ow my Jordan January 04, 2008
A beautiful, tiny woman who doubles as portable entertainment. A good person inside and out. She love's pink and puppies. More energy per square inch than any other human in existence. She's the bees' knees.
"That Dessie, she's a firecracker!"
by Dilophosaurusrar February 04, 2010
A some-what skilled boxer who preys on young, female teens who are intoxicated. Also likes to fight those smaller and weaker than he.
Fred: Who's going tonight?
Mike: Me, you and Dessie.
Fred :Shit, better keep an eye on your little sis man!
by JuanOneWon May 17, 2008
n. of russian descent,

a russian pimp, innovator of poooosey,

see also russian concusion
dessie call them bitches a pooosey on vent.
by b-Love January 04, 2005