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Someone who has a shitty job and is stuck behind a desk and a computer all day long.
Converygs is desk jockey central! Friends dont let friends work at Convergys!
by Kev23 August 29, 2005
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US Military term (ca. 1960s-1990s) used by "line" types (fleet, aviation crew & flightline, special forces, infantry) to refer with contempt to HQ and staff (non-operations) personnel, especially bureaucratic types who push petty regulations as a way to harrass others. Also used as mildly derisive term by aviation types to refer to crewmembers temporarily removed from flying and assigned "desk" (non-flying) duties for administrative or disciplinary purposes.
What asswipe desk jockey came up with the idea of prohibiting bags (flightsuits) and cammies in the NCO Club for lunch? Guess those clerks didn't want all those grubby SOBs who work for a living spoiling the view...
by Speedstan May 19, 2008
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Someone whose primary means of employment involves a desk.
This can be anything from someone who is just above cubicles to a receptionist to a glorified receptionist.
This person is usually ridiculous on their own accord.
Desk jockeys are often found in the tourism industry.
The twins got jobs as desk jockeys at an RV rental place, so they explain rental contracts in both of Canada's national languages.
by Kag May 22, 2006
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A person who has no abilities outside of there cushy office job. Often these folks have more education credentials than actual sense and wander through life on there college degrees.
That Deskjockey only looks good on paper.
by vtr1000 August 07, 2011
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working at the front desk of a hotel or other business.
riding the desk like a desk jockey.....woo hoo!!!!
by belvedereproductions July 28, 2006
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