The Desert Eagle, or DGUL, is widely regarded as the most powerful pistol. It fires off devastatingly huge rounds. The common versions are the .357 magnum, the .44 magnum, and the .50 caliber AE. Another version is the Jericho, or Baby Eagle, which is a double action pistol for reduced recoil. That fires .41 AE rounds.

It is also has some nice firing capabilities since it fires semi automatically. How ever fast you can pull the trigger, thats how fast you can fire. The main reason that the Desert Eagle isn't more widely used is because off the massive amounts of recoil with each shot. It takes immense strength, concentration, and skill to fire off the Desert Eagle accurately. The Desert Eagle is another one of Israel's incredible weapons.
Oh, damn, that Desert Eagle just blew my arm off...
by Dgul inc. April 19, 2008
This weapon is god's gun or a bfg(big f***ing gun)
me:god i have sined...
God:*cocks Desert eagle*
me:god plz im soh sorry
God: i know u are *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM*
me:ochiez *sad face*
by A1ex March 30, 2008
where you rub your dick in the sand and get sand all over it and then have sex with a woman immediately after
she was a nasty bitch, so i gave her a desert eagle
by campkillyourselffan1366613666 September 11, 2007
The single greatest handgun ever made. God himself always carried one in each hand, infact Jesus and Muhammed both carried Deagles with them at all times. Even Buddha had a Deagle lying around, therefore, it is the greatest thing ever made ever and will never not be the greatest because it is.
Oh noes, our AWPs and scouts and guns that aren't deagles are no match for the awesomeness of Desert Eagle /die
by Aaron2k6 August 26, 2006
A gun made by IMI (Israeli Military Industries).
"You know how we roll, everywhere that we go, it fo' fo's, calicos, and Desert Eagles...YEAH!"
-Young Buck
by RussianKGB April 12, 2004
A .44, .45, or .50 cal magnum pistol. One of the largest pistols on the market next to the Smith&Wesson .50 cal pistol.
You're staring down the barrel of a point fifty calibur Desert Eagle...see you in hell, fucker.
by -Drakken August 23, 2003
Whored pistol made famous among pre-pubescent adolescents by the game Counter Strike. Also known as the DEagle.
OMG how'd he kill me, I had a DEagle?!!
by Anonymous February 05, 2003

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