Most overrated gun ever

Short form: deagle
Guy 1 "Hey, look at those fucking cod fags"
Guy 2"LOL are they pretending to play with invisible guns?"
Guy 1"lool I think they are, that one has a desert eagle"
by Deathmonkey November 18, 2012
Sex move. While conducting intercourse on beach (or other sandy location), male who is penetrating woman dips his penis in sand and continues the act of long as possible. AKA The Breaded Pork Chop.
I was beating up that sideways smile on the beach, and I actually pulled off the Desert Eagle.
by Hektor18 January 01, 2011
A large handgun designed by Magnum Research. The Desert Eagle is Available in 4 different calibers .357, .41, .44, .440 &.50. Used by the Israel military and hunters alike, this gun is extremely powerful and accurate. With the ability to accurately hit a target at 100 yards and strong enough to kill a bear. It is the largest manufactured semi-automatic pistol on the market. Alto using the Desert eagle as shown in movies it is impractical. This firearm is not for the timid or weak.
Magnum Research, Inc. patented the basic design of the Desert Eagle in 1980.
by Jake Potter September 11, 2006
A very powerful pistol with about the amount of joueles as a 12 gauge shotgun, but with more accuracy. It was designed by Isreal to more a backup for the galil and uzi when they ran out of ammo or when they need to pick somone off without a sniper. Never designed for close quarters, it was only issued to Specail Forces of the IDF.
Could be shot with onehand if you are skilled, but you will most likly hurt yourself
The IDF SF rushed egypts borders in the 6 day war with the desert eagle as a main backup
by smartazz January 26, 2005
Your neighbor, your co-worker, your classmate, Desert Eagles are found all over the country. A desert eagle is an Arabian American man or woman who was born in the United States but has Middle Eastern heritage. They are easy to point out as they are usually the ones being stopped at airport checkpoints and can normally show you the geography and current events of the Middle East far better then you can.
If I was in the Freedom Writers, I don't know where the fuck I would fit in, I guess I would have to create a new Al Quida group just for us Desert Eagles.

Being a Desert Eagle, they would probably stop me in the state of Arizona due to my skin tone and either send me back to Mexico or Egypt, whatever they see fit at the time.

Not only do I fit in the United States, I'm also an Iranian nationalist, I will be spared in WWIII, however dem Koreans, well thats another story.
by Rapture333 May 09, 2010
The dictionary definition of dust. Also see, worthless, insignficant, useless, hollow.

Some days i love ya babe and some days you reallllyy frustrate me.
Dont be such a Desert Eagle, do something good for once.

That person is such a Desert Eagle, they're so hollow they could never follow through.
by The slang of 509 November 30, 2010
A rediculously large and totally impractical pistol, often found gold plated in the hands of pimps with small genetalia. Designed in Israel, probably to prove that what they lack in foreskin they make up for in firepower...
Fo'shnizzle, bihatch - don't you go getting your jizzed-up fingahz all over mah bling-bling Desert Eagle know wot Ah mean? Uh huh? Now pass me mah crack, bihatch!
by Stoatman August 21, 2004

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