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A masturbation technique in which a man rips the wings off of a fly, takes a bath and places the wingless fly on the head of his erect penis. The masturbater allows the fly to walk over the tip of the erect penis (like a castaway on a desert island) until the man ejaculates.
Hey Dennis, can you catch me a fly... I think I want to take a Desert Island after dinner.
by lunchboxes September 07, 2006
Idiom which means: The best thing you wish to have as if you imprisoned in a desert island.
Ashraf What would you take onto a desert island? e.g: book, favorite music, water
by Ashraf101 October 07, 2008
Where one takes the very best works of art.
"Hey Ozzy Osbourne, what ten British albums would you take to a desert island?"
"Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Band on the Run, So, Dark Side of the Moon, Abbey Road, Imagine, Blizzard of Ozz, Led Zeppelin, and Machine Head."
by Conrade November 29, 2006
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