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Noun - A person who, without fail, completes his daily tasks to the extreme, with no expense spared, and no detail too small. Who cannot accept good enough, and failure is never an option... ever.

Adj - To out do yourself; over-the-top; to sweat perfection.

History - a Desert Guy is one who can make a a piece of metal look like art or a pile of scrap go balls out through the desert. He is one who's vehicle never, ever breaks down, and always carries on. He has built so many redundancies into his machines that ten things can fail, and he still has a backup. He spends countless hours and untold dollars tinkering and perfecting. Taken from the world of off-road racing.

Abbrieviated - DG
"Man, That new fire extinguisher mount you made is unbelievable! Your a Desert Guy."

"Don't DG it! It doesn't have to be pretty! I need it tomorrow, not next week."
by FFRRAANNKK November 15, 2013
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