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People who are only attracted to people of Arab Descent.
That girl has a case of Desert Fever
by Tony bag of donets October 10, 2009
When a group of homeless men proceed to ejaculate onto a impressive ginger beard
(Ronzo) What are you doing tonight
(Kadin) I'm going to be the centre piece for a desert fever party
by kneedeep September 17, 2015
After you had a big night out and no sleep and hungover as hell, you may get desert fever. Symptoms include: complete lack of motivation; laughing for long periods at small things; swearing; trouble controlling the volume of your voice; tremmors; incoherent sentences; not finishing sentences; may have bruises and/or cuts. Best experienced with fellow sufferers.
fuck im fucken fucked, i need to go to the thing to get the shit cos its all over the carpet. yeah the stuff u know..... desert fever...what a cunt
by buggleberry March 27, 2008
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