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To surprise a girl who's giving you head by peeing. Extra points if she's deep throating you.
I timed my Des Moines Surprise so well that she will never speak to me again, though she went away well hydrated.
by Superscope March 01, 2008
When reciving a blumpie, after delivering the topeka destroyer, blumpee puts a finger in the ass of blumper(thus completing the hat trick where blumper has a mouthfull of cock, a nosefull of shit, a back covered in vomit and a assfull of thumb).
I believe that I am ready for the German Porn Olympics because I have pulled off a Des Moines Surprise,
by decay 66 April 09, 2003
word Kansas Hard Lemonade
It does one well to follow a Des Moines Surprise and a Topeka Destroyer with some nice Kansas Hard Lemonade.
by Ted Lynn Smith August 08, 2003
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