1.sexy beast...i'd do him in a heartbeat...20 billion times...

too bad his bass player is bad at bass -sigh- (though, he is very hot too)
2. Exboyfriend of Paris Hilton, though not featured in any porn.
"Deryck, holy hell! do it again!"
by Alicia-bo-bicia January 23, 2004
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1. Bizzy-D. Lead singer of Sum41.Paris Hilton's Ex (stupid bitch)Hottest man who ever walked this dammed earth.and is Canadian!
2. an man who is probably great in bed
"Deryck Whibley, Will you please take my virginit? if it's still there"
by jordan January 24, 2004
Not just the hottest person I have ever seen but also the funniest nicest guy i have ever had the plesure of meeting.
I would marry him Deryck Whibley is the love of my life and my life wont go on for much longer without him.
by Chloe February 27, 2004
HOLY SHIT! god paris hilton is a slut.. shes now with nick carter? haha just so long as shes away frm the beautiful deryck. extremely fuckable
brad pitt
ashton kutcher
john mayer..ect.
(but none can compare)
by Amethy January 25, 2004
Coolest, hottest, funniest guy in the whole world!! Singer of Sum 41
I'd kiss him, makeout with him, and have sex with him anyday!! I LOVE DERYCK!!! HE'S MY BABY!!
by BizzyDs_Girl1 June 20, 2004
The lead singer of hardcore punk band, Sum 41, and the husband of punk-pop singer, Avril Lavigne.
Miley: "Ehmagawd, Deryck Whibley is sooo hott!!!
Riley: "Yeah, too bad that he's married to that slut, Avril Lavigne."
by Cormany10 February 25, 2008
Sexiest guy alive. Very fuckable.
Deryck whibley is a hottie.
by Cassie Pearson November 28, 2003
there is no man on this earth that can compare to the hotness of deryck
and the fact that he comes from canada makes it even better canada is teh best place in the world
deryck is my god
by Zoe March 12, 2004

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