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a handicap person's erection
The man on the short bus saw a beautiful young lady and got a derwood
by Ben February 03, 2005
26 17
A little slice of heaven nestled in between Gaithersburg, Rockville and Olney.
All the cool kids live in derwood.
by Chrissy November 14, 2004
80 12
the 20855, we aint rockville cuz we dont get free trash collection and when it snows the roads are never paved. also a wealthy neighborhood in which the DWC presides.
d-dub district! dont get it twisted ya heard
by d-dub for life April 19, 2005
50 10
One who goes to see an old high school girl strip. A career masterbater
What a fucking derwood Jeff is, the chick that he dated is a slut
by BabyG February 24, 2003
7 16